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The Ultimate design community to help you bring together your passion & creativity that's fun and engaging! 

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The Ultimate time is now!  We're Not Just Another Coaching Group

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Not Your Average Door Decor & Certainly Not Your Average Design Community!


Monthly Membership

Finally, a community designed to get you the training, tools, coaching and creative sparks to take your designs to the next level.

For just $30 a month you 

So what's included...

  • Live Design Sessions, Q&A's, Crafting tutorials, Sessions on Social Media, Running a Biz, Etsy, and more!¬†
  • Instant Access To Dozens of Tutorials, Trainings & Coaching Sessions.
  • 35% off¬†Jam Design Orders¬†(Exclusive to Design School Members Only)
  • Additional Exclusive Product Discounts.
  • A Place To Rehome Your Supply Stash!
  • Amazing & Supportive Community of Creatives & Designers of All Levels!¬†

What's  To Expect In The Krew:


Inspiration & Tools

There are no secrets with Kandi & Her Design Team!  Learn the art of "not your average door decor" through live tutorials, Q&A's & exclusive product discounts and coupons!


Tutorials & Coaching For All Things Kreative!

Get access to our video tutorial vault of incredible kreations as well as weekly live tutorials inside our private group by 3 amazing designers & creatives! We also get you help with apps, techy stuff, and ETSY!


Community & Connection

There is nothing better than a positive community to take your designs to the next level and creating connections and collaborations to help you grow your skills and even your design business!

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You + Me = everything you need to get started!

I realized years ago that my true passion was creating inspiration through my designs.  My community is everything to me and my family and when you combine you and me, we can make the world a little more colorful!

Wanna Design Something Together?  Let's Me Help You Take Your Design Skills To The Next Level...

  • What would it feel like to be part of a wreath community that is 100% focused on providing guidance and inspiration?
  • How would it feel to get your passion of creating and designing and turn it into a business?¬† It happens every week in my community!
  • What¬†if you could get the trainings you need and you felt encouraged and confident that you too can make your passion come to life?

A Note From Kandi...

Hey Y'all I'm Kandi and it's so nice to meet you!  A little more about me and my journey to being a designer!

I grew up in Southeast Georgia and call Savannah home. I've been married for 24 years and have an amazing son and daughter.  I love the beach and being outdoors and I also love creating a beautiful home, one step at a time.  I started my creative venture in 2012 and by 2018, it had become a business.  In 2020 my husband  helped me design and build my shop so that I could continue to grow my brand and love for teaching.  Today I'm honored and blessed to serve over 700 members in my design school.  Teaching them how to make amazing home decor for their front doors and beyond.  I love that my community gives me a place to share my passion, my family, and most of all my creative life.  I look forward to inspiring you in your journey!

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Jennifer Moye, Jam Designs & Supplies

Jen has an eye for design & products.  Without her warehouse of one of a kind finds our community would be a lot less colorful!  Jen is with us monthly sharing her awesome design skills.

Dereka Danciu, Dereka's Designs

Dereka teaches how to make easy and beautiful wreath attachments. Her knowledge, skills and down to Earth teaching style will make you confident to make your very own unique attachments for your designs!

Heather Williams, Velvet & Vine Designs

Heather brings fun and practicality to the group with her design tutorials, that include supply lists, pricing strategies, and even Etsy keyword & tag suggestions! Her tutorials are always packed with actionable advice!

Charlotte Dunkle, Country Butterfly Creations

Charlotte joins the Krew monthly to bring her passion of creating amazing "Fake & Bakes" that can be used in all sorts of creative designs.  Charlotte is also well respected in the wreathing community.

Lauren Kilgore, Beautiful Mesh

Lauren is the Krew's in house ETSY expert and coach. She brings her valuable advice and ETSY trainings to the Krew monthly and is also a well respected member of the wreathing community and has nearly 8000 ETSY sales.

Sarina Correa, The Social Divas

Sarina is Kandi's personal coach and she joins the Krew monthly to answer all those Biz questions and tackle all those sales strategies.  Sarina works with over 500 creatives in her  programs including some of the most influential creatives in the online space. 

So Much Inspiration...

Commonly Asked Questions

This Is Why I Do What I Do...